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STREAM 2nd Policy Seminar “Achieving solutions for water scarcity and drought – using policies to promote concrete implementation of innovative technologies to reduce water consumption" took place on the 13th of March in Marseille, France, within the framework of the 6th World Water Forum.

Water scarcity and drought are crucial challenges all around the world. In Europe, mainly the Southern and Eastern European regions are affected and climate change will only further exacerbate the severity and effects of water scarcity and droughts. European research shows that innovative technologies can be a great asset in addressing these challenges, reducing water consumption by up to 40%. A lot of these technologies do exist, but they face challenges to actually reach the market.

This STREAM Policy Seminar addressed the question how to use policy frameworks to promote the implementation of innovative technologies to reduce water consumption and thereby address water scarcity and droughts.

The seminar was organized as a side-event of the 6th World Water Forum, the world's largest meeting around water.


STREAM project also shared a common BOOTH with its SPI-Water cluster partners STEP-WISE and Waterdiss. The three projects had the common booth in the WWF exhibition area. The partners of the projects were available in the booth to present the exhibition visitors the outcomes of their projects, as well as their upcoming events with a wide range of communication materials. In the picture below the 3 project coordinators.


Guido Vaes (STEP-WISE), Gaëlle Nion (WaterDiss 2.0) and Hinano  Spreafico (STREAM)


Every three years since 1997, the World Water Forum mobilises creativity, innovation, competence and know-how in favour of water by gathering all stakeholders around today’s local, regional and global issues.

The goal of the 6th World Water Forum was to tackle the challenges our world is facing and to bring water high on all political agendas.

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