First summer school

STREAM’s first summer school was held in Barcelona between the 26th and 30th of September, 2011. During the intensive training of 5 day, participants had the possibility to interact and share experiences with high-level experts of water resource management, framework legislation, as well as technology and research innovation. The course represented an opportunity for all those participating to gain in-depth knowledge  about the subject matter, to share a "consensus" around the issues of water and to get in touch with local actors and international water technology stakeholders. Besides learning about the issue through lectures and from expert speakers, the summer school also provided a practical hands-on approach in the hope of stimulating further innovation and cooperation among Researchers and SMEs.

The event took place in parallel to the 8th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation & Reuse held in Barcelona from the 26th to the 29th of September.
Themes of this Conference were transversal water related topics across the fields of health protection, regulations and technology validation, public perception, science and research for sustainability.


To ensure a practical hands-on approach for the summer school, STREAM involved 4 organizing partners: Competitiveness for Catalonia (ACC1Ó), Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Centro Tecnológico de Manresa and Enterprise Europe Network (CTM), Catalan Water Partnership (CWP).

The latest version of the PROGRAMME is available here.

You can find further information about speakers, participants and overall programme of the summer school here.

Notice: the summer school is free of charge but participants are requested to cover travel and accomodation costs.

The summer school location was the ACC1Ó headquarters, in Passeig de Gràcia, 129, 08008 Barcelona.