In the framework of the International World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy (Dublin) - STREAM project provided communication support to the PREPARED Alliance Forum via a webinar, on the 14th of May 2012.

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Ms. Gesche Grützmacher, Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin, Germany

Session 1

PREPARED for extreme rain events (experiences from Barcelona, Aarhus, Oslo, Berlin and Lyon)

  1. David Sunjer (Clabsa - Barcelona)
  2. Lene Bassø, Inge H. Jensen (aarhusvand ‐ Aarhus) 
  3. Frode Hult (Oslo Water and Sewerage Works ‐ Oslo)
  4. Regina Gnirss (BWB ‐ Berlin)
  5. Emmanuelle Volte, Régis Visiedo (Greater Lyon ‐ Lyon)



Session 2

PREPARED for climate change through integrated urban planning (experiences from Eindhoven, Melbourne, Gliwice, Wales and Genoa) 

  1. Luuk Postmes (Municipality ‐ Eindhoven)
  2. Bruce Rhodes (Melbourne water ‐ Melbourne)
  3. Agnieszka Batóg, Tomasz Bragiel (Gliwice Municipality ‐ Gliwice)
  4. Mario Rosario Mazzola, Claudio Arena (Mediterrenea della Acqua ‐ Genoa)
  5. Dominic Scott, Adrienne Walsh (Welsh Water ‐ Wales)



Session 3
Introduction to drawing up policy guidelines for the European Commission
Anneke von Raggamby and Darla Nickel, WaterDiss, German

What input can FP-7 research projects provide to the European Commission’s climate change adaptation strategies?
Representatives from Director-Generals of the European Union, Brussels

What can we learn from R&D projects that may impact EU climate change strategy?
Adriana Hulsmann, KWR, Netherlands

Break-out Session and Summary of results